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Hedge trimmer

Hedge trimmer
Blade cover
Battery charger

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Location: Chepstow at Monmouthshire Upcycle
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Black & Decker
Code: BM-0155

45cm Power Command with 18v lithium battery

Model number GTC18452PC

Operation - see manual for full instructions:

To turn the unit on, push the lock off button (2) down,
squeeze the trigger (1) and depress the dual switch bail
handle(6), as shown in figure G. Once the unit is running,
you may release the lock-off button. In order to keep the
unit running you must continue to squeeze the trigger.
Warning! Never attempt to lock a switch in the on position.

PPE required Use personal protective equipment. Always wear eye
protection. Protective equipment such as dust mask,
non-skid safety shoes, hard hat, or hearing protection
used for appropriate conditions will reduce personal

. Dress properly. Do not we
Wear eye protection Yes

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