Welcome to Benthyg Monmouthshire!

Your local library of things!

 The aim of a library of things is to allow people to:  


• borrow things they need but don't own, at low cost, saving money and space in their homes  

• donate things they own but don't need, contributing to national waste reduction targets   

• meet to share knowledge and skills with each other, increasing community resilience  

What does Benthyg mean?

Benthyg (pronounced ben-thig) is a Welsh word meaning borrow or lend.

How do I borrow? 

To borrow from our Library of Things, you will need to create an online member account by selecting 'Register' at the top of this page or pop in to see us, and we can get you set up.

You need to be age 18 or over, have an email address and agree to our terms and conditions. The first time you borrow an item, you will need to bring in a photo ID and proof of address such as a driving licence or passport and utility bill.  

Our items 

As we have 4 locations with varying inventories, please use the location filter at the top of the page and check the item's location when reserving, as we are currently unable to transfer between locations. 

Do I have to pay to join?

There's no charge to join.


Do I have to pay to borrow?

Yes, there is a small fee for individual borrowing detailed on all items in the catalogue this is to support ongoing running costs at your local location. 

You can pay this fee with money or by debit/credit card. In future, we hope to offer the choice to pay using time credits, volunteering time or skill sharing. 

Some items may have a refundable deposit required. 

Let us know if you need to borrow items from the library for a community project, such as pruning a local orchard, creating a community garden, or organising a local fete or event.

We want to support the community by offering free borrowing to community groups that are doing good things in Monmouthshire! 

How do I donate an item?

We are currently on the lookout for donations across all categories. If you've got something you think someone might want to borrow, please contact your local branch.


Who is running this project?

Monmouthshire County Council, with circular economy funding from Welsh Government, is working in partnership with communities and organisations in Monmouthshire. 

Three branches are open across the county in Abergavenny, Chepstow and Monmouth.

The Caldicot branch will be opening soon. 

These branches collaborate together and come under the umbrella of Benthyg Monmouthshire, which is part of the Benthyg Cymru network. 

Benthyg Cymru has one simple goal; to make borrowing as easy as popping out for a loaf of bread.