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Cycle Rack Set for Festivals/Events

3 Units are constructed from;
- 6x Base Rails
- 9x Single hoops
- 18x Bolts galvanised (17mm head)
- 18x Washers galvanised
- 18x Nuts galvanised

Fee: £ 20.00 per borrow

Location: Monmouth - Bridges Community Centre
Condition: A - As new
Brand: TBC
Code: BM-0176

Set of 3 sturdy cycle racks for festival/event use. Heavy duty galvanised steel making them rain and wind proof. Can additionally be secured with tent pegs etc.
Will need assembling with 17mm socket wrench (not provided)
Multiple heavy items, may require help lifting and large boot space for transporting

PPE required Wear gloves when handling and assembling
Wear hand protection Yes

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Monmouth - Bridges Community Centre