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Jig Saw (Monmouth)

- Main unit
- Various spare blades
- Edge guide
- Vacuum attachment
- Carry case

Fee: £ 2.00 for 7 days

Location: Monmouth - Bridges Community Centre
Condition: B - Good
Brand: Erbauer ERB706SA
Code: BM-0320
Serial: 05W48

Erbauer Jig Saw Model number ERB706SA
630W Pendulum Jigsaw
230V - 50Hz
Stroke Speed 300 - 3000/min, Length 26mm
Cutting capacity - Wood=100mm - Aluminium=20mm - steel=10mm
Complete with spare blades - wood and metal options
IMPORTANT - Please read and follow the manufacturers instructions sent by email

PPE required Please consult manufacturers manual - you will need ear/eye/hand/face protection
User manual
Wear ear protection Yes
Wear eye protection Yes
Wear facemask Yes
Wear hand protection Yes


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Monmouth - Bridges Community Centre