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Pressure Washer K2 (MONMOUTH#2)

- Base unit
- Hose
- Power control gun
- 3x Various wand attachments

Fee: £ 5.00 for 7 days

A deposit of £ 10.00 is due when this item is borrowed.

Location: Monmouth - Bridges Community Centre
Condition: B - Good
Brand: Karcher K2
Code: BM-0403

K2 Power Control pressure washer

You will need to connect your garden hose to the male quick release connector for water supply; see photo of connection point.

PPE required CAUTION ● Wear suitable protective clothing
and safety goggles to protect yourself from water or dirt
backsplash. ● Aerosols can be formed when using highpressure
cleaners. Inhaling aerosols can be harmful for
your health. Depending on the application
User manual
Wear eye protection Yes
Wear facemask Yes

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Monmouth - Bridges Community Centre